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It's been a pretty good year.

Lots of RL stuff happened. )

My creative stats have been low ever since pregnancy started, but I'm slowly starting to write again, and hopefully I'll have more time/energy on my mat leave as well. I'm going to do a lecture in a con during Sukkot about gender-subversive tropes in fic, so that's going to be fun. :D

I hope you guys all have a fantastic following 12 months, and beyond that too. שנה טובה!
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So I promised people things and have a shitload of stuff to write, but instead I'm trying to recover from a weekend containing ALL THE FAMILY which was distressing in ways exactly opposite to what I predicted and doing ALL THE HOMEWORK. Also political shit.

Therefore, staying off twitter until workload is slightly reduced (productivity! it's a thing!). If you need me, poke me in email.

Just to show I haven't forgotten, shit I need to do:
- Post on the original fic thing about trains and logistics and luck-based magic for [ profile] starlingthefool and [personal profile] msilverstar.
- Post on revolution!verse reproductionary biology for [ profile] platina, which was also of interest to [ profile] shaded_sun and [personal profile] anatsuno.
- Comment on all the awesome people's NaNoWriMo posts.
- Start on the fucking IBB already, Jeez.

Shit I've been doing instead:
- Started on revolution!verse porny fic, going poorly.
- ALL THE RL SHIT as previously stated.

So, love y'all, miss you like whoa, so sorry I'm not really around.
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In recent years, there's a growing trend in Israeli society of ultra-orthodox Judaism growing stronger and stricter, and pushing women out of the public sphere whenever they can.

The situation at it is now. Cut for length and sexist language. )

So it's clear the situation is fucked up and must be protested. Our protest will take the form of a sing-in - a group of women standing in a public place, all singing together. Because we are equal citizens, and have a right to speak - or to sing, as the case may be. We will not be silenced.

Here's hoping it stirs something.


Sep. 14th, 2011 08:35 am
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via [ profile] krytella and [ profile] metacheese:

Comment with a number/numbers from the list below, and I will explain whichever number you choose.

1 Five ways to my heart.
2 Something I feel strongly about.
3 A book I love.Read more... )
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My name is Dana, and I've been off Twitter for 3 days. And my productivity at work is showing for it - if fear is the mind killer, twitter is the time eater.

On the other hand, no words are happening as yet. Trying not to give myself a hard time about it, and hoping inclination to write comes back soon.

Got a new fandom LJ, to cross-post things from here - I'm [ profile] the_ragnarok_d if anyone wants to add me there. I'm probably going to remove most fannish people from the other LJ and put the RL updates there, so if anyone cares for those, lemme know and I'll keep you there.

Things I want to do, fandom-wise, when I get the spoons:
- A post about my competence fetish, aka why I like Petyr Baelish best of all the Song of Ice and Fire characters. (Recap: I have no idea, but I really do.)
- Post some fic ideas, and possibly pull a WIP-amnesty thing - I don't think I'll ever finish the owl!not-really-AU. Or do a list of all the sequels I want or wanted to write at some point. Because I am made of sequels.
- Go over ae_match and put together a proper reclist. Because.

- [personal profile] skellerbvvt has started an Animorphs/Inception crossover, and it's bound to be magnificent. Go on, read it; it got me to start re-reading The Host (again. sigh), so you know it's good. <3
- [personal profile] cobweb_diamond wrote ~2000 words of Doctor Who/Harry Potter crossover fic, featuring 8-year-old Harry Potter, the Doctor, and Amy & Rory Pond. Go tell her to write moar!
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Disclaimer: Some army terms may have been translated wrongly in here. If you catch any, do let me know!

A little while ago my darling asked me why feminism, in this day and age, was still necessary. The answer I settled on, at the time, was "My dad". [1] But after a couple of conversations (one with [ profile] adrianna_r, one with my study buddy) it occurred to me that "The army" is just as likely an answer.

Basically, I'm glad of my time in the army - let that be said. I learned a shitload of valuable skills, only a part of which were a formal part of my training, I met a lot of wonderful people and a few less-wonderful people with whom I still had to get along. I'm glad I chose the course I did (programmer's training, which meant 3 mandatory years rather than the standard 2, plus six months of training and 2 years and 6 months of nonmandatory service), even though there were easier and shorter routes.

And yet.

Some serious TL;DR inside. )

All this doesn't even touch other topics that bothered me - the fact that the army as an environment is inherently xenophobic and sees women and LGBT folk as 'other', the skin-crawling feeling of Rape Culture surrounding me even though I had no name for it back then, the sheer glee some of my sector mates took in hurting others (not me, fortunately) and presenting it as a rite of passage, the sheer problematicness of the "A citizen is a soldier, and a soldier is combatant, and a combatant is male" worldview.

But the army was the first time I was denied the same rights as my equivalents because I was a woman, and that I can't forget.

footnotes: )
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Weekend was pretty awesome.

- Had my last exam on Friday - algebra, which went amazingly. Thanks go to my study buddy, who is excellent in many ways.

- Went to Tel Aviv for filksing on Friday night. Also awesome, saw a bunch of people I haven't seen in ages. Also got me thinking about parallels between my situation with the filk community and the fic community, which I may post about later under the CRAI MOAR filter. But altogether pretty awesome.

- Today, went to see HP7.2 with my darling, my mother, my brother and his wife. Lovely company, movie was cute even though I remembered NOTHING from the book. Conclusions: may contain spoilers. )
* But mostly, it got me craving something like the Hermione Granger series so bad. SO BAD. I love subversions, okay, IF SOMEONE DOESN'T WRITE YA FANTASY LIKE THAT I WILL. (for serious, I have one planned. It will probably suck, but I DON'T CARE STILL WANT TO WRITE IT.)

- Got back to BS and went straight to the housing protest. THE PPL WANT SOCIAL JUSTICE. So that was pretty win. (ETA: Also check out [personal profile] roga's picspam of the protest in Tel Aviv. The Beer Sheva demonstration is kinda small fry by comparison, but hey, at least we're moving, right?)

Now I am home and tests are done, I'm going to start working full-time until next semester starts - then hopefully my darling will get a Real Job so I can quit mine and go to being a full-time student.

I'm very conflicted about writing right now. Have a whole bunch of ideas, but uncertain where to start from. Probably I should finish my WIPs first, except that I'm kind of scared of going back to them because IT'S BEEN SO LONG. May write more about that later. BUT I AM OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS. SUGGESTIONS HELP.


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