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My name is Dana, and I've been off Twitter for 3 days. And my productivity at work is showing for it - if fear is the mind killer, twitter is the time eater.

On the other hand, no words are happening as yet. Trying not to give myself a hard time about it, and hoping inclination to write comes back soon.

Got a new fandom LJ, to cross-post things from here - I'm [ profile] the_ragnarok_d if anyone wants to add me there. I'm probably going to remove most fannish people from the other LJ and put the RL updates there, so if anyone cares for those, lemme know and I'll keep you there.

Things I want to do, fandom-wise, when I get the spoons:
- A post about my competence fetish, aka why I like Petyr Baelish best of all the Song of Ice and Fire characters. (Recap: I have no idea, but I really do.)
- Post some fic ideas, and possibly pull a WIP-amnesty thing - I don't think I'll ever finish the owl!not-really-AU. Or do a list of all the sequels I want or wanted to write at some point. Because I am made of sequels.
- Go over ae_match and put together a proper reclist. Because.

- [personal profile] skellerbvvt has started an Animorphs/Inception crossover, and it's bound to be magnificent. Go on, read it; it got me to start re-reading The Host (again. sigh), so you know it's good. <3
- [personal profile] cobweb_diamond wrote ~2000 words of Doctor Who/Harry Potter crossover fic, featuring 8-year-old Harry Potter, the Doctor, and Amy & Rory Pond. Go tell her to write moar!
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- Yesterday: Went to a GoT-themed dinner-party to celebrate study-buddy's birthday. His GF went all out: like 5 different courses, plus side-dishes, plus ~decorations on the theme. And it was all delicious. I know the awesomest people.

- Today: Went to a second-hand sale and got an awesome new dress. Also a shirt, and also a purse for the lizard-in-law. Then got home and rushed to ready things for dinner.

- My new therapist appears promising. Meanwhile, trying not to tie myself in knots over Stuff. Contemplating making a post with useful/interesting links about depression, just in case anyone would like that.

- Horrible idea for a fic that will probably go nowhere: GoT, pairing may be a spoiler for 5th book. also, TRIGGER WARNING for everything horrible )

- Also, Vimes/Vetinary. I have issues with that pairing (mostly summed by wailing BUT SYBIL, because I love her so), but if there was ever a pairing that called for g-rated kink, this is it. Especially if that kink is service. And even more especially if the way Vetinary tries to throw honors at Vimes at the end of each book is a weird kind of platonic edging. (yeah I don't know. just. my brain. /o\)
Also, Sybil could totally rock a non-monogamous arrangement. It's Sam that would be hard to budge. /opinion

- Got this from [personal profile] unvarnishedtale: Book-scented perfume. I've been saying for a while this should exist. And it does! \o/

- [ profile] inception_crit is a new (to me, at least) community where authors can post their stuff to get constructive criticism. I've posted a fic - need to reply to the lovely crit note I got and do some crit of my own. Hopefully tomorrow.

Three recs, two fairly recent ae_match stuff and one long overdue:

- Don’t Call Me Cottontail by [personal profile] unvarnishedtale with art by [personal profile] red_rahl. In which Arthur and Eames turn into bunnies for a dream. Perfect fluff, pun definitely intended.
- 79) That cephalopod-launcher is insane; please bring a proper gun next time, by [personal profile] unvarnishedtale and [ profile] immoralcrow. Because. Dude. CEPHALOPOD LAUNCHER. Cracky and hilarious. Also don't miss comment art by [personal profile] red_rahl here, and the mini-sequel inspired by it here.
- This was written ages ago for a prompt I made, and I'm only now reccing it, WHERE DO I LEAD MY SHAME /o\: A fic in which the entire team cuddles, by [personal profile] aliassmith, and it is just as awesome and sweet and adorable as it sounds. SO LOVELY.
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So I came to a realization, which I posted on Twitter:

I feel much less need to look for dubcon/noncon now that I can find fics of masochism/humiliation/pretend rape in loving relationships. Because one thing I like better than noncon masochism/etc is masochism/etc with cuddles and schmoop on top.

And then I thought some recs were in order. Misc kink recs inside! )

More recs along these veins would be greatly appreciated. Some guidelines for Stuff I Like And Makes Me Happy: )


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