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I have to watch episodes with several breaks, because TEH STOOPID bothers me.

I mean, there's the standard TV show stupid where characters have to tell each other things that they already know, so that we the audience can catch up on what happened since last season. Fine. Normal TV stupid.

There's the stupid of watching combat scenes - streets somehow devoid of cars except for those belonging to the villains; martial artists spinning into HTH despite facing their opponents and having a clear path between them (you don't turn your back on an enemy if you don't get something from it - sure, spinning around may get you leverage for an attack, but nobody did that); old Western-style one-shot-insta-death bullet wounds (except, of course, for any character with a name), and so on. TV violence stupid. Fine. Normal.

There's the interpersonal drama stupid, which includes both "let's talk about stuff that we would never directly say, except for the audience to catch up" and "let's make sure the audience has been informed, AGAIN, of exactly who has what relationship with whom." Bleh. Fine. Gotta throw in some backstory exposition for the new watchers. Then there's the mind games and secrets bullshit, where everyone pretends that they haven't spent five years learning that you need to rely on your teammates and that means telling them when something weird is going on. Fine. Emotionally constipated characters in order to stretch out the tension.

There's also spoilerific stupid, so I'm putting that behind a cut. )

I suppose I'm getting some Pathfinder

Oct. 11th, 2017 08:31 pm
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I have basically played no D&D since 1st ed AD&D. I remember writing up a character in 2nd ed (oh look; elves can finally be druids!) and again in... 3.5, maybe? But I don't remember actually playing in either of those; if I did, it was a single session of getting-the-party-together that later went nowhere.

I'm vaguely aware that D&D and Pathfinder are similar but not the same. I don't particularly need to know; until D&D gives up on the stupidity that is alignments (I do hear they've dropped alignment languages, at least) and the notion of dozens of character classes to allow variety instead of switching to a point system that actually lets people build the players they want... not particularly interested. D&D as a system is designed for a particular type of play, or at best, a particular range of types of play, none of which appeal to me.

I keep coming back to, "why aren't they using GURPS" if they want granular details about combat and character building, or, "why don't they switch to FATE" if they want free-flowing story adventures.

Anyway. Humble Bundle has Pathfinder books on sale, and in the way of HB, a large swarm are available for the $1 minimum. I'll get that.

I scrolled down. Normally, there's a $1 ("pay what you want") level, a mid ($8 here), and a $15 level. This time, there's also higher levels. At the top, for $45, you can get a set of miniatures.

The Red Sonja figurine shows everything I hate about D&D, the high fantasy genre, and the tabletop RPG industry.

Yuletide letter 2017!

Oct. 7th, 2017 08:43 pm
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Dear Yuletide author:

Hello! How exciting to have you over. I do hope my fandoms slot into yours in at least some vague way. I'm sure you'll do brilliantly! Here are a few words about me, anyway. I will try to make them sensible (though I do so love talking about me).

Things I like! (you don't have to include all or even any of them, but perhaps one will spark an idea): Atmospheric stories, winter settings, ADVENTURE~! and sensawunda, friendship and found families, characters being pampered and physically comforted with hot baths and food, food period gimme some food, cultural flavour and World Facts, whimsical mild horror, stupid hurt/comfort stories in which characters with minor head colds make for terrible patients seriously just don't ask.

Things I dislike (please don't include any of those though): Love triangles and will-they-or-won't-they (I am good with poly resolutions), power imbalance in relationships, injury to cats (this is particular, but I react very badly so I thought I should mention), cracky or nonsense humour, idiot-ball plots, bullying and petty cruelties even when portrayed as a bad thing. And smut, kind of. I don't terribly mind smut but I don't really enjoy it most of the time, so I'd rather fics weren't sex-focused.

Fic can be any rating, no particular aversion to violence, no triggers.

Fandom-specific things!

Academia RPF!

So uh, I don't know how your introduction to communication and media studies lecturer told the story, but when mine talked about Adorno and Lazarsfeld in Princeton it was basically about Lazarsfeld absolutely worshipping Adorno, wanting to give him the moon, doing everything he could for him, and Adorno the bitter Marxist who Hated Everything Ever and only liked bizarre atonal music and got along with no one and nothing and yet didn't speak a word of English so had to basically follow Lazarsfeld around all the time, and in real life I'm sure this was very uncomfortable and sad but my mind immediately went to a vaguely animeish romantic comedy. With media studies. While Adorno corresponds with Walter Benjamin telling him all about this terrible American who is always so nice to him and Benjamin writing back that he thinks Adorno may be in love with this and Adorno going explosive tsundere etc. etc. I'm sure you get the idea. Which is to say I know this is very specific and I don't really want to constrain you! But I would love something more on the funny and tender side about the cultural and theoretical differences involved along with academic shenanigans and basically just please try to make Adorno happy. I don't think the man was ever happy in his life. He needs a hug. Someone give Adorno a hug.


I'm not going to try to defend the historical and cultural accuracy of this novel, but I confess that I am absolutely in love with its machinations, its sharpness, the complex motivations of its characters. And I've always been particularly fascinated by Clavell's take on Toyotomi Hideyos, hi - in the person of Nakamura - and his relationship with Toranaga, mostly hinted though it is. The same with Lady Yodoko,who appears to have occupied an interesting place between those two men. So I would dearly love more on the three of them and their tangled webs - when both were serving Goroda, or later when they were working together towards Nakamura's unification, were they truly friends? How did they relate to each other's ambition? How did Yodoko feel about that relationship, and its political implications? Historical input absolutely not required but welcome if it happens to find its way in.

Sumerian mythology!

So this is a bit hard to explain but I am very profoundly fond of Enki. The combination in the myths of his wisdom, resourcefulness, scary courage, and fiercely kind heart and protectiveness towards humanity, with his repeated bouts of drunken shenanigans, his rebelliousness, and his tendency for unbelievably bad life choices (why'd you eat the plants, Enki?!) never ceases to fascinate. And he's especially great in interaction with the equally clever, equally mercurial but perhaps rather less kind-hearted Inanna. I love how basically he saves her from the underworld and she repays that by boating over and stealing all his shit. So some of them bashing heads please, hopefully in at least a somewhat friendly fashion? Maybe around ambition, change and growth, humanity, some beer? With bonus Sumerians being really upfront about their gods' sex lives? Something like that.


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