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Dear author: thank you for signing on to this gift exchange, and חג שמח!

I've requested the following fandoms: Teen Wolf, Temeraire, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Any of these are cool! A crossover would be, admittedly, super cool!

I generally like light-hearted stuff full of fluff. AUs are great, kidfics make me clutch my laptop and squeal.

For Teen Wolf, I'm an avid Stiles/Derek 'shipper, so I'd prefer that or gen; stuff centering on Lydia being awesome would not go astray, especially if there's math in it. Math makes me happy. Also? Peter can totally work being an evil vizier. And hunters persecute werewolves for what they are, so that also works.

For the other two fandoms I'd generally prefer gen/friendship fic, especially fic that focuses on the canon's worldbuilding. In Temeraire, I'd love stuff about women in the aircorps, or dragon politics, or about Avram and Sara Maden for they are awesome (Sara/Tharkay FTW? :D).

For MLP, I'd love to read about the Mane Six's jobs, or about cutie marks quests, or about cupcakes and babies and cute fuzzy animals. (I do have a love for Applejack, so if you want to write her, extra power to you!)

But these, obviously, are but suggestions! Write what makes you happy :D


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