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Wrote 3 ficlets for [ profile] cherrybina's fluff meme:
- House hunting with a super-picky Arthur
- In which Arthur bites Eames for stress-management (inspired by a twitter convo that also had [ profile] skellerbvvt write this)
- Revolution!verse ficlet, with baby

(On that subject: I planned on adding a two-line plot-fix to The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized a minute ago, but it turned into a complete scene and it went in a direction I didn't really want, so... um. LATER.)


For [ profile] starlingthefool and [personal profile] msilverstar:

The idea is this: our heroine, Lydda, is some kind of minor nobility in a land where the ruling bloodline are born with luck-based magic. Basically this means things turn out in their favor all the time, which would explain why they're still in charge of everything despite management skills that are patchy at best. The nobility's "job" is basically to stand around in the fields/workshops/whatever of their people in hope that Things Will Go Well - the rain will fall on time and no blight will strike the crops, shit won't blow up in the workshops, stuff like that. They're like a Good Luck patrol.

The culture at the palace - and by proxy, the entire capital city - is heavily gambling-based, for obvious reasons. Some of it is thinly disguised as economic speculation, but mostly it's just the ruling class having fun. They're kinda flaky, which is the result of having things magically - literally - turn up okay for them all the time. Among other things, they gamble on marital connections: anyone, even commoners, can enter a lottery and potentially win a spouse of noble blood. This is treated as good fun, since it's assumed - because all the nobles are lucky - that they won't be won by anyone they don't want to marry.

Lydda has a problem: she was born, if not unfortunate, completely ordinary in the luck department. This makes her rather grumpy, since it seems like everything that goes right for everyone she knows goes wrong for her, and when her cousins take stupid chances she ends up paying the price.

So she ends up as a prize for the lottery, and for the first time in decades, the winner isn't a noble or even someone from the capital: it's Iram, the governor of the poorest part of the kingdom, a district which is rumored to sap all the luck from everyone that goes there. (Hence, poorest. Iram wasn't even trawling for a bride, he just hoped to win some aid for his district.)

After a lot of fuss, Lydda declares she'll do her duty and go with him. His district is two weeks by train from the capital, when there aren't delays (and there are always delays). When she finally arrives Lydda finds everyone in the district frantic, her new husband included. The ore quotas from the capital have just gone up, and all available personnel are going to work at the mines. Everyone who can't has to aid with the food production before winter.

So they just barely make the quotas and just barely harvest enough crops to keep from starving through the winter, which Lydda spends getting to know her husband's staff and getting used to the different culture. (possibly also falling in love with her husband - alternately just learning to admire him. not sure yet.)

And come spring, she's going back to the capital, and she's going to kick some official ass. Because there's a reason hers is the poorest district, and it has little to do with unluckiness and a hell of a lot to do with crappy management and bad supply lines.

And then there's a reform and a happy ending. and possibly babies. yes.
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