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Title: Kiss Trick
Fandom: Inception, Arthur/Eames, Ariadne/OFC, NC-17
Summary: They've been worried about this job from the beginning. With good reason, it turns out. Sequel to Allowed.
Notes: Contains some oblique mentions of past dub-con - please tread carefully. Amazingly fast beta by [ profile] sirona_gs, who is great and awesome. All hail.
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OK, scratch that, apparently I can't take cliffhangers. So here's the next to last installment. IDEK.

FIC: Kiss Trick, 12/13 )
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Fair warning - this section kinda ends in a cliffhanger. If that kind of thing bothers you, you might want to wait for the next installment.

FIC: Kiss Trick, 11/? )
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I wrote this, then realized that if Arthur's the dreamer on the first level he shouldn't be able to go down into the next. Put it down to Arthur just being that awesome, okay?

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Tiny little update before I go make dinner.

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And thanks to [personal profile] eleveninches who looked it over and reassured me it was ok!

FIC: Kiss Trick, 8/? )
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Some Ariadne/OC in this installment.

Kiss Trick, 7/? )
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Smatterings of Arthur/Projection in this part.

Kiss Trick, 2/? )
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So! Some people have asked for a sequel to Allowed. I've been writing bits and pieces of one for a while now (and also ngl I'm pretty easy), so there's a beginning of one.

So many thanks to [personal profile] zanzando for looking this over.

Kiss Trick, Arthur/Eames, NC-17, asexuality and relationship discussions and things. )


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